Buzlanovo, West Island

Status: Urban planning project 2013
Address: Moscow region, Buzlanovo
TEP: Land area 5.15 ha. Building area 6 730 – 12 600 sq.m. Housing area 52 300 – 90 800 sq.m. Сommercial area 68 200 sq.m.
Authors: A.Leonovich, M.Saxon, A.Belinskaya

The site is located along the Novorigskoe highway along which the shopping, entertainment and sports complex with underground parking. They serve local residents of residential areas and transit drivers. On the next lane construction, which is related to the first inner galleries - office complex clusters with courtyards. They neutralize the rear facade of the shopping and entertainment complex in the residential neighborhoods that unfold inland third front building at the required distance from the highway. The concept presented several options for different typologies of residential development.