Status: project 2017, realization 2021
Address: Project and realization up to date. Moscow, prospekt Mira, 119
TEP: Land area 3 650 sq.m. Total area 1 500 sq.m.
Authors: A.Leonovich, M.Saxon, A.Glotova, A.Fesenko, B.Vasiliev

The project of the pavilion at VDNH with a total area of 1,500 sq.m. - a heterogeneous horseshoe-shaped volume, that captures a paved landscape space between the two glazed ends of the pavilion, where you can see the inner terrace "theater food" and the amphitheater. Visitors to VDNH pass through the eventful, table-filled space of the inner square to the entrance at the back of the perspective. Once inside, we find ourselves in a high two-level space, filled with various functions of the gastronomic industry with shops and a food fair. In the left and right wings there are food courts, mezzanine terraces for master classes, an amphitheater lecture hall. The interiors of each wing of the pavilion offer panoramic views of the VDNH crafts park.