Dreams of a City

Status: Contest project, 2016
Address: Tver region, Palkino
TEP: Land area 10 ha. Building area 23 596 sq.m. Total area 103 346 sq.m.
Authors: A.Leonovich, M.Saxon, K.Markus, D.Khandzhi.

The main town-planning idea is in interaction between regular and picturesque. Park separates two types of buildings with walking paths, bike paths and sport fields. Park faces an entertainment center whith gyms, fitness, spa, pool, restaurant and several cafes. The main social function focused on the area formed by the residential buildings in the ground floors of which are located routine maintenance facilities, shops and cafes. Cars can enter the square with a significant speed limits, because the square is a pedestrian area. Entry of cars on the area required for maintenance of buildings with a special or personal transport. Inside the residential groups greened courtyard with platforms raised to the level of the second floor because on the ground level there are diked parkings. At the same time the entrances and exits in residential buildings could be both from the street on the first floor, and from yard level - on the second floor. The residential group implemented the principle of "yard without cars". Transport service of the residential groups going on from its outer sides. Low-rise homes are located along the park, repeating its shape. They represent a set of houses and townhouses, the first floor of each has a small private front garden. On districts green areas еру bikeways are laid. Town Square is open for cyclists.