Status: Contest project, 2016
Address: S.Petersburg region, Pushkino
TEP: Land area 23 ha. Building area 59 300 sq.m. Total area 263 400 sq.m.
Authors: A.Leonovich, K.Markus, Y.Frolov, A.Belinskaya, A.Bayushev, D.Khandzhi, M.Saxon

The territory of the former wagon-repair factory "Sofia" includes historical buildings of the factory of the early 20th century. We tried to implement the basic principles of cultural design, using the basic principles of classicism in our project under conditions of the renovation of this historical space. The main planning axis starts from the Shopping center (which is preserved former workshop building), runs through the whole territory and dissolves in nature. The canal becomes the planning core of the residential complex. The solution of facades was carried out using contemporary architectural language, but with classic facade regularities. Most of the site area has residential function, which includes residential blocks, cylindrical apartment buildings, children's institutions, trade and service complex, FLC and garages. The axis of boulevard’s canal and pond and green sites of parks unites all the territory. Dense residential areas are interspersed with open spaces, parks and public spaces. We offer three types of "Parks": a memorial or historical park, a regular or "French" park and an irregular or "English" park. Transport idea of the project is the exception of transit traffic through the residential complex and the minimization of traffic in the site.