Python House

Status: Residential house, project 2007, realization 2008-2013
Address: Moscow region, Pozdnyakovo
TEP: Land area 0.41 ha. Total area 1 180 sq.m.
Authors: N.Tokarev, A.Leonovich, I.Aliabieva, E.Chernyshova, interior design: M.Saxon; design engineer: S.Bogoslovsky; photo: A.Naroditsky, F.Herfort

Flexible scope of the second floor, closed in a wooden shell, like a snake crawls on the ground floor stone box. All areas of the house are lined up in a straight line, starting from the open for all the input zone and ending with the private rooms - master bedroom. This line is folded in half and raises the private part of the second floor. Underground in a separate building, a swimming pool overlooking the surface of a small pavilion with lounge and terrace. Natural light gets into the pool through two small clerestory. Just separate volume at the entrance to the site is worth an economic unit with a garage. All the buildings are connected by underground passages.All the buildings are interconnected by underground passages.