Ensemble in the middle of settlement

Status: Complex of individual residential houses, project 2006
Address: Moscow region, Nikolskaya Sloboda
TEP: Land area 3 x 0.3-0.35 ha. Total area 2 x 600 sq.m.
Authors: N.Tokarev, A.Leonovich, T.Belyakova

Ensemble of three residential buildings in the center of settlement is its «grand square», which located on the shore of an artificial pond in the public and recreational area.
There are two "low" houses on the shore of the pond, composed the mirror reflection of each other, and they have the view to the water by their glass front. The reflection on the pond doubles this symmetry. Interiors of the houses are designed with the difference in levels. That allows to vary the height of rooms. In contrast to the traditional typology, the bedrooms are situated on the first floor, and the living room, which has the view to the pond, is half-level higher. And on the next floor there`s a master bedroom. Because of low hill, that separates houses from the pond, bedrooms on the first floor keep private location.
The third "round" house is situated deep in the territory along the axis of the pond. This is the centre of composition, its white volume is «a tower», which looks over in all directions through the bay windows made from different materials.
On the top of the building there's a terrace with a view. The common landscape design of the public territory create the unified ensemble in the centre of settlement.