New Land

Status: Private residential house, contest project 2003
Address: Moscow region
TEP: Land area 0.45 ha. Total area 600 sq.m.
Authors: N.Tokarev, A.Leonovich, A.Grib

The roof of the house is the "new earth", which raised above the first floor of the building. It has preserved unchanged the land area with lawn, where you can walk. The house does not destroy the land, and releases it.
On the first floor there is one public space for family, guests and visitors. It merged with nature because of stained glass and only utility rooms have opaque partitions.
As in the lobby of some hotel here you can choose different classes: swimming pool and gym, a bar and a cinema, books and the Internet. Uniform comfort and complete freedom.
«New Land» - a refuge of privacy. Each member of the family has his separate «cave» on the second floor and the garden with it. It resurrects the image of a holiday village, the first experience of private existence in the Soviet era. «Houses» are connected by ramp with «old land» area regardless of the ground floor. Three «shell-houses» have a different level of privacy: from parents living together to complete independence of guests.