Klenovy Bulvar 2

Status: Concept - 2020
Address: Moscow
Authors: A. Fesenko, A. Leonovich, B. Vasiliev, M. Pichugina

When was the last time you walked along the banks of the Moskva River and bought a ticket for the water trolley? Let us recall the mood of a river walk, the play of light on the water and the movement of the wind ... A peninsula surrounded on three sides by calm maters - Nagatinsky Zaton district has a rich historical past. It was here that before the war, the famous Moscow Shipbuilding Plant for the production and repair of various models of river vessels was built here in Nagatinsky Bay. Water transport is the calling card of the region, and the ship is its main symbol.
We ventured to swap world and the mood of the Moscow underground for an underwater atmosphere. Descending to the subway platform, we find ourselves under a mighty ship, buried with its iron keel in the sandy river bottom. All around the rays of light penetrating under the water mysteriously gleam and reflect on the copper ship, alluring ripples of river water dissolve in the metal on the walls.
Our task was to search for an architectural technique capable of creating a metaphorical prototype of a ship. The system of decorative ceiling beams flows through smoothly into columns tapering at the bottom.
This composition when viewed in perspective forms a silhouette dictated by the outline of the ship’s bottom and keel. Light flows from niches formed by the intersection of beams, reflected in the smallest ripples of wall decoration. The colonnade divides the station into two symmetrical naves under structural arches. Each of them resembles either a rounded underground tunnel, or a detail of a huge ship. The unity of symbols and forms, the play of light and material create a strong and memorable image, genius loci - permeated by the atmosphere of the modern district and its history.