Woodland loft-office

Status: Public interior. Project - 2015. Realisation - 2019.
Address: Address: Voronezh
TEP: Total area 2780 sq.m.
Authors: A.Leonovich, T.Yakobson, K.Mirsky

In the reconstructed building of NPO AEDON (total area 2780 sq.m.) in a pine forest near Voronezh, were created interiors of an office and laboratory part. The internal space is clearly zoned: on the first level there is an open area for meetings and negotiations, the second floor is occupied by offices and laboratories, the third - for management. The levels are strung on the vertical of an open spiral staircase, where the illumination of the steps enhances the effect of spinning the “screw”, emphasizing the integrity and continuity of its vertical axis. But with clear zoning by levels, space emotionally combines a common set of shades and decoration materials for all rooms. A democratic solution, where the luxury of decoration is not concentrated in the offices of superiors, but distributed in public, work and representative areas, creates a feeling of corporate-club space, where there is a mood for a business-like interior of concentrated work and an almost home-like feeling of comfort. Due to the large number of light lamps in the roof and huge stained-glass windows, radio-electronic workers feel their connection with nature, the landscape, the change in the time of day and seasons.