British School

Status: Public interior, project 2012, realization 2012
Address: Moscow, Artplay
TEP: Total area 2 640 sq.m.
Authors: N.Tokarev, M.Saxon, A.Leonovich; design engineer: I.Sokolov; photographer: I.Ivanov

Classrooms of the Moscow School of Architecture (MARSH), the Moscow Film School (MSHK) and the British Higher School of Design (BHSAD) are educational center of creative professions. Classrooms and studios each school their own, and a lecture hall, a cafe, a lounge and an administrative area shared. Premises each school marked its tsvetom.Temno blue belongs to the march, orange - BHSAD, yellow - MSHK. The basic material for public spaces - glass and matte stekloprofilit, of which the reception desk and bar, mezzanine, where the office of marches and MSHK. Combining under one roof several areas of education allows teachers and students from different schools to communicate freely with each other and create a new learning environment in the context of the current culture.