House among the pines

Status: Private residential building, project 2010, realization 2010-2013
Address: Moscow region, Korovino
TEP: Land area 0.92 ha. Building area 938 sq.m. Total area 1 850 sq.m.
Authors: N.Tokarev, A.Leonovich, E.Chernyshova; design engineer: I.Sokolov

The house is built on an area with dense forest. We put the building on this site so that no one grown tree had not been destroyed. And the house turned to the woods by it's front facade with panoramic windows. Forest «sprouted» inside the house - new building embraces the yard overgrown with tall pines.
Looking at the house from the road, we can say that it consists of three elements: the white lines of ceilings, stone plates of walls and glass partitions. Glass bends at the corners, and on the roof it becomes the curved dome over the winter garden. Stone plates are, on the contrary, strict rectangular interleaved by vertical stone lamellas, which are similar to fossilized blinds. House denies the symmetry: projections of different depths are replaced by hollows, bay windows sre replaced by loggias, walls are gathering and then step aside. The tiers of overlaps suddenly start to pile, and it seems that the house has more than two floors.