Casket House

Status: Reconstruction of a private residential house, project 2002, realization 2003
Address: Moscow region, Tsarskoye Selo
TEP: Land area 0.15 ha. Total area 756 sq.m.
Authors: N.Tokarev, A.Leonovich, N.Voinova

Reconstruction of unfinished small two-storey house has included: adding of the third floor with a master bedroom, adding of the staircase in glass «cup» and adding of household unit with garage space connected to the house by a glazed gallery. The building occupies almost the entire plot, but in front of the house there is a wide field with access to the Moscow River. Because of this the site does not look full. Rounded roof lines conceal the true height of the building. More blind facades overlook the street, angled bay window open view over the field and the river from the office on the second floor. Bedrooms, stained glass windows and balconies overlook the courtyard.