Status: Realization - 2019
Authors: A. Leonovich, B. Vasiliev

The Mellow collection is a plastic soft constructor capable of transferring an element of furniture from a utilitarian household purpose to the category of an art installation, while not losing functionality and comfort. Each model is obtained by a combination of modular elements in soft fabric upholstery.
Here, the fabric acts as a generalizing shell - a connecting conceptual and functional link. The usual combination of soft seating on solid supports gives way to the relationship between the material and the streamlined bionic shape. The texture of the fabric and the smooth curves of each combined element, combining, create an unforgettable holistic image of upholstered furniture of the future.
The philosophy of Mellow is continuity, unity and universality - the ability of one object to combine various functions, while erasing clear boundaries between them. Any surface of the finished object can be either a seat or a base for a countertop, which makes it possible to adapt it to any interior requirements.